Postcards from Palazzo Massimo (Rome)

In the heart of Rome lies a building, plain and inconspicuous, that hides a treasure made of sculptures, paintings and mosaics of rare beauty. I found out about its existence almost by chance, as it hosts (amongst many other things) artefacts discovered in Villa Adriana, one of my favourites archeological sites, near Rome.

Purpose of this story is to share some of the pictures I took in this museum, hoping that — should you visit Rome — you may also consider to stop by this museum and enjoy its treasures in first person.

Let’s start from my favourite, the bronze statue of the Hellenistic Prince

Way different subject, but not less fascinating in its own right is the statue of the Sleeping Hermaphroditus, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

The Portonaccio sarcophagus, possibly the tomb of a roman general, died during the war between the Roman army and the german populations settled in central Europe, in (172–175 A.D.)

Statue of a young girl dressed as Artemis, Greek goddess of the Moon, hunting, archery and virginity

Statue of Antonino Pio, roman emperor between 138 and 161 A.D.

Portrait of Vibia Sabina, emperor Adriano’ wife

Statue of an injured girl

The Lancelotti Discobolous

There is so much more to see in this museum, as its stories are packed with paintings, mosaics, portraits, sculptures, bronzes and ivories in excellent conditions although, to be fair, some statues are copies of the originals … still totally worth the visit.

Hope you enjoyed this content. Should this be the case, follow me for more “postcards” to come.



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